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Release user license when account is disabled/deleted from AD

We should be able to release user license when the user is no longer with the company. This could be done by checking if the user is active in Active Directory. With on prem deployment, we could do this using udadmin on the license server.

I have spoken to multiple people who have mentioned this is the only thing holding them back from going cloud. They have too high of turnover for user licensing to make sense. They would either need concurrent licensing or the functionality mentioned above.

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Started  ·  AdminCitrix Cloud (Citrix Cloud Team, Citrix Cloud) responded  · 

Thanks for the feedback.

We’re working on the license release functionality.

It’s not currently based on the AD user enable/disable, but we do plan to support license release.

In cloud the business rule is 30 day license lease (down from 90 day on-premises).

Stay tuned for license release coming in the near future.


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