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vSphere Deployment Location/VM folder selection

Can you add folder/location for VM's when being created in vSphere. I have ran through a deployment or 2 and even trying to edit the blueprint i dont seem to find how its getting connected to vSphere console to supply a variable for a location. I would think powercli is involved to some extent and should just be an addtional parameter in the config.

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  • AdminCitrix Cloud (Citrix Cloud Team, Citrix Cloud) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Thanks for the feedback!

    We do not support selection of folder for the VM being provisioned using Smart Tools. Currently the folder for the VM defaults to the Datacenter's vmFolder (This is a folder containing the compute resource for this Datacenter). A vSphere resource location can have multiple Datacenters.

    We will add "folder/location section" to our roadmap.



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