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Identify Free users by Domain or AD Group

We have a Active Directory domain (cloud.lcl) which our license server is a member of. Only technical support and datacenter managment employees are members of the cloud.lcl domain. We have about 60 customers, each customer maintains their own Active Directory domain. All user accounts exist in the customer AD domains. We need to be able to easily "exclude" (mark free) ALL members of cloud.lcl - as there will never be a "paid" account in that domain. Marking one-by-one is too time consuming and error prone. Also, it would be nice to be able to define an AD Security group as a free account as well. As sometimes there are support-only accounts in the customer domains for purpose of troubleshooting only.

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    Thanks for the feedback. We're aligned on this use case as part of our "Rule based assignment of free users" roadmap. We can provide the @domain filter/rule based on the info provided form the CTXS license server.

    In order to do something based on AD-Domain, we'd have to expand the LUI solution significantly and require partners to deploy the Citrix Cloud Connector so the LUI service can access their AD users and groups.

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