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SmartScale turns off maintenance instead of powering another machine on

Hi, it would be good to add a feature to Smart Scale when if placing a machine in maintenance mode smart scale powers another machine on. Now it turns of maintenance mode for the machine in a couple of minutes, so you have to power another machine on manually before placing a vm into maintenance.

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    Thank you for your feedback!

    Currently, to scale up, the Smart Scale algorithm first check to see if there are any machines in maintenance mode. If so, it will first take most loaded machines out of maintenance mode before powering on more machines. This way, it has the least number of machines powered on to deliver the required load.

    I love to learn more about how you use Smart Scale and how we can further improve it. Would you be willing to have a quick conference call? I can be reached directly at


    Jie Feng
    Product Manager, Citrix Lifecycle Management

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