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2-factor/Receiver pre-population/On-Premise Director

1. Ability for on-site Director to talk to Studio in Citrix Cloud. This helps with anyone that is using Insight w/ on premise NetScaler.
2. Two-factor authentication for StoreFront in Citrix Cloud.
3. The ability to have Receiver populate with on-premise StoreFront locations. This is a hybrid model request where you would have a Desktop in Azure/AWS, that you also want access to on-premise published resources to utilize a VPN (or DirectConnection in AWS).

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  • AdminCitrix Cloud (Citrix Cloud Team, Citrix Cloud) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi If you make each idea a sepaatre idea item they can be voted on individually and comments tracked individually.

    1. Great suggestion - there are no plans for this at this time, but we have it logged here for future consideration.
    2. Yes this is a priority, we have nothing to announce in terms of ETA at this time.
    3. This can be achieved with StoreFront aggregation using the on-premises SF to do the aggregation

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