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Connector Connectivity Testing via the command line

You need a command line version of the Connectivity Tester GUI. This would allow for customers to test the connectivity of the connectors, with a product like CA UIM, every 5 minutes and raise an alert / ticket when a Connector fails. It is good to know you have an issue before the users.

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The connectivity tester will examine the ability to contact the URL’s that are needed for the operations the connector undertakes. This was primarily designed to enable validation of firewalls/proxy white lists were set adequately to enable complete operation. This however does nothing to check that the connector is operating correctly. The ability to keep checking that the required URL’s can be contacted might be a part of the monitoring that you need, but I suspect it is not quite what you want to achieve. The CWC UI displays the status of the connectors and their ability to carry out the required operations. There are also notifications placed into the notifications area in the Console reporting issues. Would you consider making API calls to the cloud to monitor the status using this mechanism, would that be a better mechanism that provides a much more complete picture?


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