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Secure Browser Enhancement Ideas

Hi, my name is Kojima.
I am System Engineer of Japan.

You may have already considered the solution but please let me share an idea.
Some of customer in Japan would like to use secure browser as sand box browser for external access from internal network to prevent form targeted attack.

See attached figure 1

User receiver 2 links of is external link and another is internal. If user clicks external WHO in local PC read link the link using before.Navigate2 or something then read for example PCA to judge whether the link is external or internal, if it is external WHO redirect to Secure Browser with client to server parameter passing.
See the attached video so that you can get clearer image of the concept.

Also user wants get file or date from internet site but not opposite.
Clip board mapping feature support bidirectional control and data format while drive mapping only support read only drive. Which mean is user can upload files and date to secure browser and this is considered as risk. Hopefully along with Secure Browser enhancement we support bidirectional drive mapping control feature.

Best Regards,


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